Lampe LED GU10 2W - 240V

Caractéristiques & Avantages
UK Registered Design No. 3010262
Patent. No. 0305302.2
GU10 base, 240-Volt Light Emitting Diode lamp allows
fitting in any GU/GZ10 luminaire
Available in five colours, suitable for accent lighting
21 Light Emitting Diodes arranged in a GU10 lamp
enables fitting in any GU/GZ10 luminaire
An exceptionally long lamp life of up to 30,000 hours
makes lamps ideal for inaccessible locations
Very low power consumption (1.8W) and heat generation
for highly efficient operation and low operating costs
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Informations techniques
Vie L70 (h)
[ø] Diam.
Overall Length (mm)