12V MR16 5W Dimmable LED Lamp

With patent pending technology, Adaptr™ dimmable MR16 lamps incorporate intelligent electronics which automatically detect whether the lamp is connected to an electronic or electromagnetic transformer and/or dimmer and adjusts accordingly to enable a wide range of plug and play compatibility with full EMI compliance. This technology has been miniaturised to fit into existing MR16 lamps making Adaptr™ a perfect retrofittable solution to halogen.

Caractéristiques & Avantages
Automatically detects and adjusts dimming performance based on dimmer and transformer combination
Excellent efficacy - Up to 108lm/W delivers more light using less energy
ThermoTec™ technology utilises a combination of highly efficient LED light source, aluminium heat sinking and thermoplastic material for longer life and consistent performance
EnFiniti™ edge-to-edge multifaceted polycarbonate lens creates low glare and halogen like appearance
Wide 60° beam angle delivers increased light distribution
EMI compliance - patent pending
3 year warranty
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