Bandeau LED flexible haute densité RGB 24V DC

RGB colour changing super bright flexible LED strip with self-adhesive backing (must be applied to clean surfaces).

Code Article Description
AU-STRGBA Connecteur – bandeau LED RVB
AU-STRGBB Connecteur câble - bandeau LED RVB
AU-STRGBC Tête d'inter-connexion flexible pour bandeau LED RVB
SKU Code Description Mètres par Driver
AU-LED5024CV Driver LED tension constante 24V DC 50 W non-gradable 3 Metres Per Driver
AU-ELG-100-24 Driver tension constante 24V IP67 100W non-gradable 6 Metres Per Driver
AU-RSP-320-24 Driver tension constante 24V 320W non-gradable 22 Metres Per Driver
Caractéristiques & Avantages
High density RGB colour changing flexible LED strip with self adhesive backing (must be applied to clean surfaces)
Twice as many LEDs per metre as standard LED strip
Single RGB LED chip allows programmable settings including static colours and colour changing modes dependant on the control system used
Cut point every 100mm
17mm between LEDs (SMD5050)
Voltage drop of 4V per 5m
For runs over 5m individual lengths should be connected in parallel*
Copper track for effective heat dissipation and long life
Requires 24V DC Constant Voltage LED driver
Very low power consumption - 14.4W per metre
Please order to the nearest metre. Prices per metre (Reel length 30m)
3 Year Warranty - see for details
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Informations techniques
Vie L70 (h)
Largueur (mm)
Hauteur (mm)
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