Tube LED T8 clair à douilles tournantes avec détecteur infra-rouge 30W 1800mm 110-265V

Caractéristiques & Avantages
Community Registered Design 001917592
Integrated passive infra-red sensor
140 degrees area of detection
5-8m detection range
Potentiometers on the PIR for adjustment of time delay and brightness
Time can be set from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
Brightness can be set to 0, 10, 20, 30 or 40%
After the last movement is detected the tube will remain fully lit for the time delay period. The lamp will then dim to the set brightness level
Rotatable end caps
3 Rows of SMD LEDs
Aluminium back for heatsinking of LEDs
Impact resistant clear or frosted polycarbonate diffuser
High power factor >0.90
Suitable for use at -20° to +40°C
1kV surge protection
Beam 120°
Voltage range 110-265V
Life to 70% lumen maintenance - 40,000 hours
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Informations techniques
Vie L70 (h)
[ø] Diam.
Overall Length (mm)
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    Source lumineuse LED
  • 240V