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What are the NEW Energy Related Product (ERP) & Energy Labelling (ELR) Regulations?

01 September 2021

In the coming months the lighting industry across GB and Europe will start seeing changes in terms of products being sold and product labelling.

These new changes will be due to two new regulations being put into force in order to protect the environment and customers as well as enhance product sustainability and efficiency. Their implementation is also designed to further enhance transparency and simplicity for both suppliers and customers. Also newly introduced is the EPREL, the European Product Database for Energy Labeling.

The New Regulations

Eco Design EU 2019/2020 - Single Lighting Regulation (SLR)

The SLR provides product-specific performance requirements for energy-using and energy-related products. Where current SLR regulations distinguish between modules, lamps and luminaires, these new regulations refer only to light sources and separate control gears. Therefore energy efficiency, for example, will be evaluated only for the light source.

FROM SEPTEMBER 2021 (EU) or OCTOBER 2021 (GB): The SLR entered into force in December 2019. It will apply from September 1, 2021 where some lamps may no longer be placed on the market. Aurora does not have any products that will be phased out.

FROM SEPTEMBER 2023: This is the end of the period in which the remaining banned products may no longer be placed on the market.

Energy Label EU 2019/2015 - Energy Label Regulation (ELR)

The ELR applies to light sources with or without control gear in terms of the energy labelling and voids any previous regulation. The energy labelling requirements apply to all products in the European and UK market. The revised regulation has been implemented to realign the energy classes with technological developments and to encourage the uptake of newer and increasingly efficient lighting technologies.

FROM SEPTEMBER 2021 (EU) or OCTOBER 2021 (GB): All light sources placed on the market from this date will require a new energy efficiency label in accordance with the regulation.

FROM MARCH 2023: From 31st March only the new label is allowed to be sold and purchased. This is the end of the transition phase. 


Also newly introduced is the EPREL, the European Product Database for Energy Labelling, where all product characteristics will be recorded and that will be used for generating the new energy labels. As part of the new regulations, entering the required data into the EPREL is necessary for selling a product in the European market. Aurora has already started entering all the relevant products into this database.

How This Affects You

We reassure you that nothing is changing in terms of our products and that our product performance has not been altered. The new energy efficiency scale will see many products graded lower than before, when the previous energy label was in use.