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How to Choose Suitable Floodlight Lighting for Your Project

06 April 2022

Floodlights are necessary for applications such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites, shipyards, parking lots, highways, and more. These applications require proper illumination during operational hours and particularly during winter months.

But with so many options available it can be quite daunting and difficult to know where to start for your project.

What Floodlights Do You Require?

As a contractor it can be daunting to choose ‘Right First Time’ outdoor floodlights considering heaps of choices out there. However, as a real professional, you would like to see quality, efficiency and low maintenance professional fittings to keep your clients happy.


First and foremost, where do you want to install the floodlights? What type of area is it? Is it a building by the sea? How high is the facility that you are trying to illuminate? Are there any moving objects in the surrounding areas?

It’s important to do an assessment of the area where you will be installing floodlights to cover with light.

Safety standards, height, angle, glare and energy efficiency of your fittings are likely to have a big impact on the final result.


Colour temperature should be a key consideration when you’re looking at floodlights for a specific application.

When tasks are being held in the area that you want to illuminate or if you need floodlights for security purposes it is usually best to go for cool white (4000 K) or daylight colour temperature (6000 K). Cool lighting can aid in alertness and concentration.

If you are looking to highlight certain aspects of a building or architecture, a warm colour temperature (3000 K) will create a welcoming and comforting feel.


If you are looking to illuminate a large commercial or industrial building, such as a warehouse or office building, you are likely to need floodlights that deliver a significant amount of light to ensure high brightness levels. And in this case you will be looking for products that provide 20,000+ lumens.

For small residential properties the amount of brightness required is likely to be less and therefore you will probably need products that provide in the region of 2000 lumens.

So when looking for floodlights, remember to choose lumens depending on the size of the area or building that you want to illuminate, and consider the angles, purpose and placement of the floodlight.


Although we want to illuminate our buildings, and for various reasons, we also need to ensure that light is not being wasted and contributing to light pollution. LEDs have good optical control, meaning they deliver light where it is needed and reduce pollution at the same time.

The Vela™

Aurora’s new Vela adjustable driverless floodlight range comes in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W and PIR options.

The IP65 and IK06 rated range comes complete with an ultra slim profile and high performance. Delivering 120lm/W, it has Aluminium housing for excellent heat dissipation, tempered frosted glass and has been salt spray tested, making it an ideal solution for coastal applications.

The Vela comes with a 3 year warranty and lifetime of L70 or 30,000hrs.

The Proxima™

The brand NEW Proxima™ IP65 and IK08 LED Floodlight Range recently launched by Aurora Lighting is powerful, robust and ideal for illuminating commercial and industrial building exteriors. With aluminium housing and tempered glass lens, the range comes in 50W, 100W and 200W variants and with a 5 Year Warranty.

Hard wearing, the Proxima™ floodlight range has been salt spray tested, meaning it's suitable for coastal properties and applications.

Make Smart with AOne™ Control

Aurora’s AOne is the world’s widest range of smart lighting and it can easily make over 1000 of Aurora’s products smart. This system covers power, lighting and control, is easy to install and extremely cost effective when compared with traditional smart lighting systems.

Simply install the AOne Smart Hub and the AOne On/Off Relay to gain instant smart control over Aurora’s full lighting range. This smart feature, which can be installed on all new and existing installations, adds lighting management, cost savings, reliability and operational efficiency.

When it comes to managing exterior lighting, just use the AOne app to schedule when you would like it to come on and turn off.

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