GX10 35W Fixed Lock Ring Downlight

Aurora GX10 Aluminium Fixed Lock Ring 35W HID Downlight. Suitable only for GX10 35W lamps maximum.

Características y beneficios
Suitable for use with Sylvania Britespot or GE CMH PAR16 HID lamps
78 Lumens per Watt allows compliance with the Building Regulations Approved document L2A/B requiring the use of energy efficient luminaires in commercial buildings
High output, energy efficient, compact metal halide reflector lamp for general lighting
Suitable for display lighting, shops, offices, showrooms, hotels, etc.
Electronic control gear not included
Please note: Metal-halide lamps have a warm-up/re-strike time >5minutes. Therefore these should be used in conjunction with other luminaires that will provide sufficient lighting until the metal-halides reach their full brightness
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Información técnica
Overall Diameter (mm)
Profundidad De Empotramiento(mm)
Diámetro De Corte Mín. (mm)
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