0-10V Microwave Motion Sensor with Spring Clip

The Aurora Microwave motion sensor is a fantastic accessory for our Ariah2 range of highbays, offering simple clip on to the Ariah2 range of reflectors. The Aurora Sensor allows for 4 step dimming levels from 10% to 50% and 8 hold times from 0 seconds to continuous, until the lights are switched off or presence is detected. The Aurora Sensor is a fantastic solution where areas of the warehousing are used for short periods of the day which enables extra power savings. The Sensor also features a daylight sensor so once presence is not detected and the light levels are at a brightness the units will not switch as there is enough light present. The unit can be programmed with the Aurora Remote controller or via the dip switches within the unit. As standard our sensors are set at 5 minutes without detection dim to 50% and hold time is set to stay on at this level until motion is detected or lights are switched off manually at the end of the working day.

Eigenschaften & Vorzüge
Microwave Motion Detection
120-277V 50-60Hz
Suitable to clip onto the Ariah2 reflector
Detection area 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
8 Hold Time options from 30 minutes to 5 seconds
Stand by Dimmed level 50%, 30%, 20%, 10%
8 Stand-by options from continuously on to 0 seconds
6 Daylight Sensor options from 5 lux (darkness) to 150 lux
Programmable by the Aurora remote control (AR-MSR1) or through Dip switches
Suitable to wire into 0-10V LED Dimmable Driver, 3 level solution (100%, Dim, Off)
5 Year Warranty
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