Vertilux™ V2 Emergency T Bar

Vertilux V2 Emergency. 595x595 luminaire with bi-symmetric optics. Ideal for ambient mid store lighting, it's batwing bi-symmetric output effectively lights merchandising on shelves. Ideal for placement down aisles of supermarkets and convenience stores with ceiling height of 2.5-3.5M. Supplied with industry standard 3 pole connectors as standard. Emergency, and dimmable versions are available to order. Supplied for use in T-Bar ceilings, separate frames for metal pan (clip in) or plasterboard (cut in) ceilings, are available to special order. V1 has a traditional specular cross blade louvre, that is completely recessed into the ceiling and gives a light /dark appearance in the ceiling. V2 has cross blades of Miro 8510 material that hang beneath the ceiling, generating a lighter appearance in the ceiling. Ra >82. Power factor 0.9. Lamp life 20,000 hours to B50 5 year warranty.

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  • Made to order, short lead times, quality product : made in the UK
  • Luminaire available for use in T-Bar (lay in) ceiling
  • Separate frames for metal pan (clip in), plasterboard (cut in) ceilings, or surface mounting available to special order
  • Choice of colour temperatures :3000K, 4000K Dependent on lamp
  • Standard (non Emergency) version also available
  • Dimmable version (either DALI or 1-10V) available to special order
  • Integral, electronic fixed output control gear
  • Industry standard 3-pole in/out panel connectors, for through wiring, giving fast, easy installation
  • Bi-symmetric, bat-wing output, for lighting produce on shelves
  • (L70) at a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • 20,000 hour lamp life to B50, dependent on lamp choice
  • 5 Year Warranty – see for details
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