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A ‘Pure Design’ for Retail… Aurora launches stunning new SOLIS Spotlight

Montag, 11. September 2017

Aurora Lighting has unveiled the Solis, a new spotlight specifically designed and engineered for the retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors.

Expertly created to accommodate the requirement for a neat, compact aesthetic solution, the Solis features a unique design with a small arm, which is just 32mm wide, and was created following extensive customer research and feedback. It is available in fixed and 1-10V dimmable versions with narrow, medium, wide and extra wide beam angle options.

Having provided a full lighting project service for more than 30 years, Aurora assists retailers, restaurateurs and hoteliers with all aspects of their lighting schemes, from bespoke product tailoring and intricate lighting designs to installation and aftercare.

The new Solis, which is aesthetically pleasing in design, is perfect for presenting a modern look and feel within retail, restaurant and hospitality applications. From product design to development, all of which is carried out at Aurora’s UK Swindon manufacturing facilities, it provides an efficient light output of up to 100lm/W, all backed up by a lifetime of more than 50,000hrs (L80). It also features a retail reflector with hot spot and halo, a colour temperature range of 3000K - 4000K and can either be track or ceiling mounted.

Anna Enright, Head of Product Management, Projects, at Aurora Lighting, says “We’ve been working on this product to accommodate customer demand for a spotlight that is unique in shape. We incorporated feedback and came up with a unique visual that has been well received. The short arm allows a small profile against the ceiling, giving minimal impact on the interior design, exactly what was missing in the market.”

Using the 1-10V dimmable solution, the spotlights can be dimmed to generate the precise light levels needed, whilst consuming minimum energy. A single part number can be ordered and then used throughout the scheme, set to create the desired ambience in each area. This delivers continuity of overall aesthetics, whilst simplifying the supply chain for the end user. Connected to daylight sensors, any track of luminaires near natural light sources can be dimmed when background light is fading so displays remain highlighted, but operating costs per year are reduced. Schemes can also be changed to enhance specific areas during seasonal or special promotions.

Solis has a choice of narrow, medium, wide and extra wide beam angles, which are excellent tools to use in any lighting design. The narrow and medium angles contain Aurora's Retail Hot Spot and Halo. The Hot Spot delivers an intense beam of up to 22,000 candelas at peak (for only 28W, 2700lm), cutting through the high ambient light levels found in most stores and allowing the retailer to direct customers to chosen displays - leading to that elusive extra basket spend. The Retail Halo allows replacement of one beam for the other without reducing overall ambient lighting levels, useful when so many schemes rely on the accent lighting to provide background ambient light. Reflectors are interchangeable without tools, and the spotlight rotates 340°, its head swings 90°. It is easy to adjust the fitting, and change beams, making it easy to create a perfectly focussed scheme. Available with CRI90 upon request, the Solis is provided with a 5 year warranty.

Ensuring high energy saving LED products that also offer a bespoke look and feel, Aurora rolls out global projects across five key verticals: retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial and residential. Through providing the full service, from design and manufacturing to aftercare from its Swindon facility, Aurora is one of the few lighting companies that offers a high quality ‘made in the UK’ product.

Gary Bennett, Managing Director at Aurora Lighting, says “We are continuing to work with new and existing clients to provide high quality, unique products that accommodate their requirements as well as present them with an end-to-end service that ensures a stress free national or global roll-out.”