Time Lag Switches
Spec Sheet  

مفتاح تأخير زمني 1500 ف أ

Features & Benefits
For simple control of lighting in corridors, entrance halls, washrooms, etc.
Neon illuminated button to locate in darkness
Pressing the button switches the lights on. The lights switch off after the adjustable time lag has elapsed, thus saving energy
Adjustable time lag 1-10 minutes
Maximum load 6-Amps (1500VA) of any type of load, including inductive loads
Suitable for replacement of standard switches in the home or office. Neutral wire not required
This is a MASTER unit ONLY. To switch from several different locations requires SLAVE momentary switches (not supplied)
May be controlled from several locations by connecting normally open slave switches in parallel
1 Year guarantee
This product available in white finish only
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  • Equipment for Indoor Use
    Equipment for Indoor Use