Tira de LED flexible RGB, alta intensidad: 24 VCC

LEDline™ PRO RGB colour 24V super bright LED strip is ideal for when LED strip with a higher lumen output is required. Increased brightness by using twice as many LEDs per metre than standard LED strip. RGB LEDs allows for programmable settings including static colours and colour changing modes. Low power consumption of 14.4W per metre. Strip can be cut to length and 2m leads soldered to special order.

Código SKU Potencia Ángulo Del Haz Regulable
EN-ST224RGB 14.4 120 No
Código SKU Descripción
EN-STRGBA Conector para tira de LED RGB
EN-STRGBB Conector cableado para tira de LED RGB
EN-STRGBC Cable flexible de interconexión para tira de LED TBG de un solo color
Código SKU Descripción
AU-DMX060 60W DMX RGB Controller
AU-DMX090 90W DMX RGB Controller
AU-DMXCS03 DMX Master Controller
AU-RGB1224A RGB Remote Controller
SKU Code Description Metros por Driver
AU-LED5024CV Driver de tensión constante no regulable para LED: 24 VCC, 1 - 50 W 3 Metres Per Driver
AU-ELG-100-24 100W IP67 Non-Dimmable 24V Constant Voltage Driver 6 Metres Per Driver
AU-ELG-150-24 150W IP67 Non-Dimmable 24V Constant Voltage Driver 10 Metres Per Driver
AU-ELG-200-24 200W IP67 Non-Dimmable 24V Constant Voltage Driver 13 Metres Per Driver
AU-RSP-320-24 320W Non-Dimmable 24V Constant Voltage Driver 22 Metres Per Driver
Características y beneficios
High density colour changing flexible LED strip with 3M™ self adhesive backing
Beam angle of 120° and 17mm between LEDs, 60 LEDs per metre
Cut points every 100mm for maximum flexibility
Maximum run of 5m
For runs over 5m individual lengths should be connected in parallel
Requires 24V LED driver (sold separately)
Reel length of 30m
3 year warranty
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