Isored - Adjustable 5W GU10 Dimmable Recessed downlight pack

Ideal for new or renovation projects, the Isored range is designed to guarantee perfect airtightness of ceilings. The unique shape of the pot and flexible connection tab ensure easy installation in standard cut-outs even under all types of insulation and without deterioration. Equipped with a quick-release connector that can be used without tools, it is available with an ICE 5W LED lamp for maximum energy savings.

Código SKU Potencia Lúmenes Temperatura De Color (k) Ángulo Del Haz
AL-13120ABDS 5 500 3000 38
AL-13120DS 5 500 3000 38
AL-13121ABDS 5 520 4000 38
AL-13121DS 5 520 4000 38
Características y beneficios
Recessed airtight LED downlight - Building regulation compliant
Suitable for all types of insulation materials (fiber / blown / sprayed) and vapour barrier tarpaulin
aluminium +/-20° adjustable bezel for an elegant finish
Supplied with a quick-release and plug-in terminals connector
Flexible connection tab for easy spot insertion
Pack supplied with ICE™ 5W GU10 lamp
White & Satin Nickel finish options
2 year warranty
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Información técnica
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  • Clase 2
    Clase 2
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  • IP20

Enfiniti™ lenses have been designed to stretch right to the sides of the front of the lamp to fill out 100% of the aperture, helping to punch out maximum light. They are also perfect if you prefer the look of halogen lamps, with the dichroic-like appearance