Fire Rated Downlighting

10W Adjustable Fire Rated Downlight

This Aurora i10 LED Downlight is an integrated LED downlight with non replaceable lamps. It will last many many years due to the electronics and driver being separated from the Light Source which is the normal source of failure for an LED bulb. Before being replaced with a newer version it was our biggest seller and is still only a year later an absolutely amazing product!

Eigenschaften & Vorzüge
Integrated LED driver connected to loop-in / loop-out FASTFIX connector (included)
Adjustable to 20 degrees
Tested in 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated ceilings
Life to 70% lumen maintenance (L70) - 40,000 hours
UK Patent Application - 1212923.5
Tested to BS EN 1365-2:2000
Tested to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 & BS EN ISO 140-6:1998 (Acoustics) confirming that they maintain the ability for an internal or separating floor to provide sound insulation
International Design Registration No. DM/080 178
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Technische Informationen
Lebensdauer (stunden)
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  • Ausstattung Klasse 2
    Ausstattung Klasse 2
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    Equipment for Indoor Use
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  • 240V