9.6W CRI90 CX Strip

24V DC CRI90 Colour Xchange LED strip with self-adhesive backing (must be applied to clean surfaces). Suitable for a number of applications where ambiance needs to be created and quality of light is important. With a beam angle of 120° and both LEDs per light point, individual light points are less visible creating a continuous glow. This strip has cut points every 100mm for maximum flexibility what length is concerned. Maximum run of 10m, any length over 10m must be run in parallel. Low power consumption of 9.6W per metre. Strip can be cut to length and 2m leads soldered to special order. A 24V DC Constant Voltage LED driver is required (see driver options table). Reel Length 30m. 3 year warranty.

Spec Sheet

  • Single colour flexible LED strip with self adhesive backing (must be applied to clean surfaces)
  • Cut points every 100mm
  • 17mm between LEDs
  • Beam angle 120º
  • Maximum length of run 10m
  • For runs over 10m individual lengths should be connected in parallel
  • Requires 24V DC Constant Voltage LED driver
  • Very low power consumption - 9.6W per metre
  • Please order to the nearest metre. (Reel length 30m)
  • 3 Year Warranty - see www.auroralighting.com for details
SKU Code Wattage Lumens Ra
AU-ST90CX 9.6 450 90

AU-ST93A CX Strip Connector
AU-ST93B CX Wired Strip Connector
AU-ST93C CX Inter-Connection Strip Connector
EN-CH100 Surface Profile
EN-CH100EC1 Channel End Cap
EN-CH100EC2 Cable Entry Channel End Cap
EN-CH101 Surface Profile
EN-CH101EC1 Channel End Cap
EN-CH102 Recessed Profile
EN-CH103 Recessed Profile
EN-CH104 Corner Profile
EN-CH105 Deep Profile
EN-CHC1 Channel Mounting Clip
EN-CHPC1CL Clear Diffuser Cover
EN-CHPC1FR Frosted Diffuser Cover
EN-CHPC2FR Frosted Diffuser Cover
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