Axio Linium 1.8m

Axio Linium™ Suspended continuous modular smart ready connected lighting system. Up to 7000 lumens per 1.8M length. Ambient distribution gives an even wash of light for meeting rooms and circulation areas, or Batwing output which throws the light to the verticals, for use in supermarkets. Luminaire is fast to install due to the Clicklink™ system, which allows electrical and physical connection to be made quickly without tools after the fitting is suspended. 8 core, 3 circuit. System is very modular: emergency packs and live feeds can be installed anywhere along the line, providing flexibility and easy maintenance. Available in Textured white or black. RA>80, Power Factor 0.9, L80 to 50,000 Hours. Contact us now to learn how our lighting designers can create a connected lighting design to deliver value beyond illumination for your organisation.

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